LinkDeny 2.2.2

LinkDeny 2.2.2: Advanced Anti-Leeching and Access Control for IIS Web Server security deny access to content resources, making LinkDeny a powerful security tool for Microsoft IIS Web site administrators and management. Control your site traffic with confidence with LinkDeny. DETAILED LOGGING and a built-in testing interface insures that you don`t block good traffic. An XML-formatted rules engine makes for easy integration of LinkDeny into existing site backbends and content management systems. LinkDeny comes with PREDEFINED access

FileGhost 1.0: Lock, hide and protect your files, folders and volumes in various ways.
FileGhost 1.0

FileGhost is the security tool used to protect your files, folders or even whole volumes in various ways. You will be able to securely lock, hide, deny file reading, deny file writing, prevent deleting, copying, moving, renaming and replacing. Additionally you will be able to protect program access to by setting password or completely hide it. FileGhost is excellent supplement for antivirus, firewalls and other anti-malware software.

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DVD Device Lock 3.0: Hide or disable access to removable devices like CD, DVD, floppy, flash, USB.
DVD Device Lock 3.0

Hide or restrict access to removable media devices such as CD, DVD, floppy, flash and USB drives, and deny access to partitions of your hard disk drives with the program. Stop copying data between removable media and hard disk drives, deny access to removable media, protect your PC against unauthorized software installations and prevent data leaks through removable media.

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File Access Helper 8.1.2: A tool can log and deny access to files and registry keys on PC.
File Access Helper 8.1.2

deny access to files and registry keys on PC.You can`trunning/copying/opening/modifying/deleting/finding any document if you select the appropriate button.The operation is that when a program is about to deal with a file or registry,File Access Helper is involved in.It will search the rules.And then it approve or deny the reading/writting operation.At last,the operation is logged in a file. e.g.For example,a virus program is going to infect your

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Endpoint Security Manager 1.4: Comodo ESM; centralized management tool for all your endpoint security needs.
Endpoint Security Manager 1.4

Deny Protection™ model. Default Deny Protection™ takes an advanced approach to preventing security breaches and reducing downtime. By working within the universe of known and safe executables, unknown applications within the environment are challenged prior to execution. In the event of a virus outbreak, this model eliminates the need for IT administrators to scramble for the latest AntiVirus signatures. CESM leverages Comodo‚Äôs end-to

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1 Firewall 1.2: 1 Firewall is the latest firewall protection system!
1 Firewall 1.2

deny access to a certain user, by filtering them according to a defined user access rule. 1 Firewall prevents harmful applications from installing on your computer`s disk, by denying unauthorized publishers to use your PC. Any attempt to load, download or install a program or file is checked and asked for permission. 1Firewall protects your personal files and folders against exploits, Trojans and backdoors, using a low level network traffic filter

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Snappy Program Lock Snappy Program Lock can Password Protect, Block and Restict Programs or Apps
Snappy Program Lock

Snappy Program Lock is a professional security tool for password protecting programs on your computer, laptop or usb drive. Easily add programs to restrict access to by browsing your computer for the exe file or simply drag and drop a shortcut or program to the blocked application list. Not only does it deny access to programs, it also keeps a history log containing application access information. Works with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2008.

parental control, restrict program access, password protect programs, program lock, deny access, block programs, limit applications

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